"Karla, thank you for your help last year.  My sessions with you were incredibly enlightening and self-educational.  I continue on my ongoing journey towards 'mindful eating'!!  But more importantly, my sessions with you were a huge emotional support for me at a time of great need.  Life is pretty damn good most of the time - and still very difficult the rest of the time, but that's life, right?!  All the best and thank you again," Bronwyn


"I wanted to let you know that I started receiving compliments on the way I look, and I couldn't understand why since I was not dieting and tried very hard not to think about my weight. I have continued to eat my forbidden foods: McDonalds (not very satisfying is it?) chips, popcorn, chocolate, pizza, curry, meat, cheese, bacon and eggs! etc.  My father had not seen me for 6 months and was blown away when I visited him. So I finally decided to hop on the scales for the first time in 12 months. I had not wanted to do this in case I was again shown I was delusional.  

Well, I had lost 12 kgs. I want to stress that at no time did I go hungry and there were plenty of times that I have overeaten non-hungrily. To a certain extent, I am still learning and misjudge every so often.  I am still losing weight slowly but what I do notice is that when I start to think "right now I can lose.... "  I start to eat non-hungrily again in anticipation of the foods I will be denying myself. 

 What meant a lot to me was looking at jeans in a normal shop and thinking, no that's way too small for me, and trying them on and they were way too loose. I had lost so much weight, my "mental picture" of what I looked like, had not yet caught up. I even feel more comfortable, I don't bump into things anymore.  I actually was very sexually confident when I was heavier and  I enjoyed having big boobs,  but I realise that my weight was definitely an armour.  So thanks Karla. I will be in touch for my follow-on counselling session with you. I did want to give you this latest in my life though and a very happy new year to you and your family."  Warmest Regards, Cassie


"Dear Karla,  I just wanted to share this amazing thing with you: In June 2009 we performed at the Opera. I had just stopped dieting then. In May 2010 we did a reprise, a new costume had to be made, because I had gained weight. Last week I tried on that costume for the upcoming tour; it was too big!!!!  Long story short; I thought I wasn’t losing weight, but I did!!! And I didn’t know, didn’t notice!!! It was just going very slowly!!  For the first time in my life I lost weight without noticing and without a diet.  And I still can't really tell by trying on my own "skinny clothes". But this costume was hand-tailored and was fitting very well in May... I tried on the jacket of the old (smaller) costume last week and it was fitting perfectly again. Next week I'll try the smaller skirt. I don’t even care which one I will wear. And I am not so impatient anymore.  I realise now that my body is taking its own pace. And meanwhile I am happy with the way I look.  It’s going really well with eating. I eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full, I listen to my body. I hardly judge myself anymore when I overeat; it's usually very clear when I do. Almost always when I'm tired and when I've crossed my own borders, when I haven't taken rest on time.  I am so grateful for your wisdom in this. Without you I wouldn’t have been able to break the cycle of guilt and dieting...  Thanks so much!!!! Warmly, Nicky"



Dear Karla,  I  have to report some great news –  It’s been almost 2 years since I saw you last and I have managed to lose 14 kilos and kept it off!! The book and your workshops were certainly an inspiration and I realise now that I don’t have to diet or put my body through a tough exercise program to get the results.  I just simply stopped overeating and had some regular exercise.  I am really enjoying my new figure – I went from 70 kg to 56 kg (ok maybe 57 kg hihihi) and I have set up a new business for myself, I am also training to be a dance teacher.  Lots of love, Anna.


"This morning I’ve been reflecting on how my relationship with food has changed since I attended your course ‘freedom from emotional eating’ at the Relaxation Centre last year. I feel really grateful for having met you and heard your ideas about intuitive eating.  I want to share my experience to let you know what an amazing impact attending your course had on me.  I adopted your approach that deprivation means craving and bingeing, and have over the last 6 months, been ‘normalising’ all my feared foods. It has been scary at times, I’d have to buy foods multiple times before I wouldn’t eat the lot in one go, but over time my fear of deprivation has decreased.  It has taken a lot of nurturing around food to regain my own trust that I won’t hurt myself using food through deprivation or over-consumption. I’ve gained around 10kg but surprisingly feel the most comfortable in my body in years, and have much less bloat, I feel slimmer and healthy. I’m not sure if I’ve fully let go of my notions around what weight I want – just recently I’ve started losing weight which has been scary, but I know I’ll work through these fears. I’ve eaten a wholesome breakfast consistently for several months, my pantry is well stocked and I feel safe around food. I’ve started trying new foods and increasing the variety in my diet - at the moment I love aromatic foods like herbs and spices. I’ve also been doing counselling to help me feel, recognise and accept my emotions. I’ve also seen that food isn’t the only coping strategy I’ve used, so there are other challenges to overcome. I think the most amazing transformation is within me, that I can accept myself and I’m starting to like and even love myself. Life is an incredible journey.  I just opened your booklet and saw the quote ‘pain is inevitable, suffering is optional’. A quote with the same meaning that inspires me is ‘suffering is resisting what is’. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was beautiful global timing that I came to your course and I’ll be forever grateful.  Wishing you well in life, With love and light" Christina












































Updated 22nd November, 2017  


An Initial Consultation runs for 60 minutes and costs $ 99

For new clients on your first visit only, this session includes your hard copy printed Needs and Nurturing workbook.  

For new clients on your first visit, I will take a $25 non-refundable deposit to hold this appointment time open for you.  

Please see the bottom of this page for my Late Policy, Cancellation Policy, Payment Policy and Non-refundable Deposit Policy.


Counselling - A standard session runs for 50 minutes and costs $88  

One on one private counselling in the safety and comfort of my office at the Grange.

If you wish to come and see me, no referral is necessary and no rebates are available from Medicare or any private health fund.  If you find my fees are not within your budget, may I suggest that you come and see me at the Relaxation Centre at Alderley.  I present either a seminar or a workshop here 10 times per year.  Please check the Workshops page above, for details of the next dates I will be presenting here.







Counselling - A long session runs for 75 minutes and costs $ 128


The longest sessions I offer are 75 minutes in length. 

Completing the program is totally optional - you may simply wish to have a few individual counselling sessions.  My services are flexible and adjusted to your needs where ever you currently are.  If working through the program, you will do this in your own pace.  There is no set time limit.

At all times, you are in control of if and when you wish to book in for another session.  I believe in personal responsibility and truly empowering the individual.   This can only happen when you are making all your own decisions and taking full responsibility for them, including for appointments.  I do not put pressure on my clients to re-book.  



There are 7 themed workbooks that I have created that form the background framework for the Life After Diets program.  Included in your initial session, you will receive the first of these, the Needs and Nurturing workbook printed in full colour and bound with a front and back cover. 

For the remainder of the workbooks, I will email them to you so you can print them out for yourself.  If you require me to print it for you, this will cost an additional $10 per book to cover printing costs.



Couples Counselling   - 75 minutes $ 128


I offer couples counselling for you and your partner.  Underneath the highly visible and destructive behaviours of the 'eating issue' there are many communication problems that become masked between couples.  Each person needs to be heard and validated individually, in the presence of your partner before we can begin to work on building a bridge and resolving the underlying issues.   

I need to be working with the person with the eating issue in regular one-on-one sessions before I can agree to do a couples counselling session in order for your session to be as effective as possible.



Telephone Counselling - a 60 minute session is $ 88

Telephone counselling is ideal if you are unable to physically get in to see me in Brisbane.  If you live anywhere in Australia, I will phone you for your session. Sessions are one hour in length.  All you will need is a contact phone number and an email address.  I will email you a workbook prior to your session which you will need to print out so that you are able to write in it during your session.


Small group workshops and seminars are run regularly at the Relaxation Centre, Alderley

Please see the Workshops page for more information on these.


7 Steps to Freedom - the Life After Diets program




Step 1 Needs and Nurturing:  What are you really hungry for?  Identify your missing emotional needs and what it is you are truly hungry for physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Identify your inner strengths and your core values.  Most of us are starving emotionally and we keep reaching for food to fill this big empty space because we are so out of touch with genuine self-nurturing.  We simply don't know how to meet our needs without using food.  Learn more about becoming your own best caretaker and growing your capacity to receive.
Find out which love language you speak and how you can begin to get your needs met in your love language.  What are the barriers to you meeting your needs and self-nurturing?  

Step 2  Feelings   Learn a completely new language - the Non-Violent Communication language of feelings - to build a quality relationship with yourself first so that you can understand yourself better, then communicate with others with more honesty and integrity.  Identify how to meet your needs directly, based on how you're feeling.  We will shine a spotlight on particular feelings unique to those of us who struggle with eating issues, especially your experiences of anger, guilt and shame.  Acknowledging your feelings honestly, the moment you are having them, is like learning a foreign language and it's often a case of "getting comfortable with being uncomfortable".


Step 3  Thinking   The way we think influences the way we feel and the way we feel influences the way we eat.  Our thinking creates our reality, so if you are unhappy with your present reality, this has all started in your thinking.   Becoming aware of your thinking is the first step to changing it.  Learn how to use simple CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) techniques to open the door to change and begin to set yourself free.

Step 4  Eating    Explore your favourite foods, your forbidden foods, all the diet rules in your head, identify your individual triggers for losing control and overeating and come up with some strategies to put in place so that you're in a much better position to understand and work with your addiction to numbing your feelings with food.  Begin to use gentle mind-full eating techniques instead of all the usual mind-less eating we do.  We are attempting to put in place a way of eating for the rest of your life, not another short term food restriction for an upcoming event so it's essential to allow yourself enough time and space here.  If we don't build a strong and solid foundation in trusting ourselves, we will return to the false security of our diet mentality.  And because food is so symbolic, whatever we do with food then opens the door for us to experience the same kinds of freedom in the other areas of our lives.

Step 5  Eating and Identity  Eating issues are complex and emotionally fraught, there is no point in rushing through learning the art of mind-full, conscious, connected, intuitive eating - which is worlds away from the Diet World we have been inhabiting ever since we went on our first diet.  Reconnect with the foods you truly enjoy eating, with satisfaction, pleasure, nurturing and fulfillment.  Adapt guidelines on how to start eating exactly what you want, when you want it, without guilt or fear.  Living your life as an intuitive eater will give you a strong sense of internal control that no diet ever could.  This process is the opposite to our number one fear that if left to our own devices (with no restrictions), we will never stop eating and continually gaining weight.  Over time, you will prove to yourself that you can be trusted and that you are worth trusting.  Give yourself permission to explore your Identity behind your eating issues.  Who are you really without these labels?  What important role has the eating issue been serving in your life?

Step 6  Communication  Develop a natural style of communication that works with your personality and helps you express how you truly feel in a way that is safe and non-threatening for you.  Construct a script so that you can speak up and get your words out, instead of eating them and suffering in silence about the difficult issues in your life.  Explore what your body is communicating to the world for you.  Our body speaks for us when we feel it is unsafe to say the words we know we need to.  Work on developing clearer, stronger boundaries in your relationships with others.  We teach others how to treat us by them watching our demonstration of how we treat ourselves.  There must be a bottom line of respect or there is no quality in our relationships.

Step 7 Body Image  Discover what 'Fat' and 'Thin' truly mean to you through sub-conscious insights gained from guided imagery exercises.  You will find out why you have repeatedly sabotaged yourself in the past - there are always very good reasons why we do this.  They are not logical reasons, they are highly charged emotional reasons.  Look at doing a wardrobe detox.  Learn about and embrace your body shape so that you can dress and feel like 'you'.  Your beauty is a state of mind, not a state of body.  Celebrate your individuality and live as an empowered natural intuitive eater where food remains one of life's greatest pleasures.  No matter what your past conditioning has been, I believe this is possible for you and I would like to help you on your journey to achieving it.


Late Policy:  

If you are late for your appointment, please bear in mind that I will still need to finish your appointment on time for my next appointment.

Payment Policy:   

Full payment is due at the end of each session.  You can pay by cash, credit card or debit card.

Cancellation Policy:  

I request that you please give me a minimum of 24 hours notice for all changes and cancellations to your appointment. 

$25 Non-refundable Deposit Policy:

On booking your first appointment as a new client, I will take a $25 deposit to hold this time open for you.  

The reason for this is that in the past I have had many new clients who either didn't show up or cancelled their appointment with minimal notice.  

By taking this deposit, there is more of a commitment on your part to keeping the appointment.

When you come for your Initial appointment, the $25 is then deducted off the total fee of $99, leaving a balance of $74.

If you don't come for your appointment, you don't get the $25 refunded.













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