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"All the degrees in the world don't come close to the lived experience, that you have Karla.  You are truly an inspiration and I thank you.  I am well on my way to a better and healthier relationship with food." Angela

"Ive got more out of one session with you than seven years of therapy with psychologists and other counsellors, even some who say they specialise in eating issues!  Don't ever stop what you are doing, you are a life saver!"  Sarah

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were such a huge part of my recovery.  I would not have been able to push through and come out the other side if it wasn’t for you.  I can finally say I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My relationship with food has tremendously changed and improved and so has my relationship with my husband.  I gained the weight I needed to in ‘my’ time which has had a huge impact on my brain and body function.  I now get hungry. Lol!  Everyday isn’t always a breeze but it’s easier to listen to the positive and not the negative.  I will always remember that you helped to save my life"  Claire.

"Your program was absolutely instrumental in helping me overcome the grip of bulimia. Although it was still a bit of a journey after my program ended with you, the learnings and knowledge stuck with me and I continued to work through my issues with food and eating, knowing that dieting was not the answer. Two years down the track and I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. I eat whatever I want, which typically is an abundance of all the amazing wholesome “good” stuff that nature provides, including my daily dose of chocolate.  I am now challenging myself fitness wise, and am proud to report that today I completed my goal of running the Bridge to Brisbane 5km race in under 30 minutes. I feel like a totally different person than the one that came to you. The funny thing about it too is that I am probably the same size I was when I met you (size 10-12), but feel so comfortable and healthy and gorgeous. Amazing what a difference our attitudes make, don’t they!"   With deepest gratitude, Mandie.



All testimonials on this website are 100% genuine.  Some clients names have been changed to protect their privacy.






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Welcome to your life after diets


Karla Cameron provides hope and a deeper level of understanding for people with eating issues -  whether you identify as struggling with emotional eating, binge eating, bulimia, anorexia or body image issues, I can help you.  

Life After Diets was born when I decided to use my experience, instead of having it use me.  I am the founder of Life After Diets, a program to feed your self-esteem and help you transform your relationship with food.  I provide counselling for all eating issues.


It's not your fault.  Dieting is the single largest cause of developing an eating problem.

 Dieting causes us to become pre-occupied with food and our weight.  Dieting triggers a loss of control over eating as a normal and natural, biological survival response.  Overeating causes weight gain and our weight gain then causes us to become desperate to find a quick fix or easy answers to losing it.

When we are no longer dieting and restricting, we will also no longer be rebounding by losing control and overeating, so the struggle will cease to exist.   


Life After Diets provides...

An alternative and holistic philosophy about your relationship with food.  You can come for an individual session or you can keep coming back until you feel completely satisfied that you are done.   Small group workshops are regularly presented throughout the year in Brisbane.  Interstate and rural clients can utilize telephone counselling sessions with Karla. 

Truly resolving your eating issue is about taking on more personal responsibility and reclaiming your own personal power.  This is an internal experience that works its way outwards.



In Australia we spend approximately one billion dollars annually in the weight loss industry.  In the USA, spending is approximately sixty billion annually.  And yet Australia and the USA frequently top both obesity and eating disorders lists of statistics per capita.  Something doesn't add up.

A non-diet approach first surfaced in the USA in 1970 (known then as an anti-diet approach) by Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann, who are world pioneers with their "Overcoming Overeating" workshops and book of the same name.  Susie Orbach from the UK documents the struggle articulately with her "Fat Is a Feminist Issue" book series from 1978.  Dr Rick Kausman is Australia's non-diet pioneer from 1989, beginning with his "If Not Dieting, Then What?" approach.

The current global movement gathering an enormous amount of strength, which incorporates a non-diet approach, is "Health at Every Size" (HAES).   You are not alone, there is much support out there.

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